Comprehensive Analysis of Your Network (Technology Assessment)

Comprehensive Analysis of Your Network (Technology Assessment)

Though most people understand the need for a regular check-up with their doctor, far fewer recognize that same need applies to their IT infrastructure, as well. Our Health Pointe service is designed to do just that, helping you spot weaknesses in your network, while providing solutions to remedy them. When it comes to the health of your business, this is one check-up you cannot afford to miss.

Features of Health Pointe include but are not limited to:

  • Security Review
  • Server and Desktop Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery Review
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Detailed Reporting & Recommendations
  • Employee and Executive Interviews
  • Cost effective solution to uncover the troublesome areas of your network

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Bay Pointe Technology was founded on the idea that IT should be an asset to a company, not a liability. We strive to help businesses take control of their IT infrastructure, providing them with the hardware, software and managed service solutions they need to grow.

When obstacles seem to outnumber solutions, we could all use a little IT confidence.