A Data Center Built to Exceed Your Expectations

A Data Center Built to Exceed Your Expectations

Our Co-location and Cloud Hosting facility was built in accordance with Uptime Institute Tier II Design Topology, meaning operational sustainability of no less than 99.997%. Hands-on engineering and support from our manufacturer certified tech specialists is available 24/7/365, ensuring a quick response to meet your needs. Power is supplied by two active distribution paths from our on-site natural gas generator, which employs an Automatic Transfer Switch. Power configuration for the Datacenter is a 120/208V 3-phase source from the generator and service entrance. Each individual cabinet will be provided with an average of 2.5kw to power your equipment.

We built a high availability network that has the capacity to handle your requirements. Built-in fail-safes include two independent industry recognized Tier 1 providers through Diverse Paths to Bandwidth Provider remote switches. In addition, Multiple Edges, each receiving different provider connections, mean that a failure by one provider does not affect network performance. We give you the ability via the internet to monitor video surveillance, power distribution, air flow temperature and network usage, ensuring that you have constant access to the information you need.

Features of Cloud Pointe include but are not limited to:

  • Security
    • Secure Access that Meets PCI Requirements
    • Biometric Hand-Scanner for Controlled Access
    • Constant Video Surveillance and Motion Detection
  • Climate Control
    • High Efficiency Air Distribution Systems
    • Portable 5 ton A/C Units to Handle Complete HVAC System Failure
    • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • Fire Suppression
    • FM-200 Utilization Complies with NFPA and UA Requirements
    • System Discharge Time of 9.4 Seconds
    • Automatic Direct Alarm Connection to First Responders
  • Support Capacity
    • Support for Customer’s Switches, Firewall and Server Configurations
    • Engineers Provide Installation, OS Maintenance and Update Installation
    • HP, IBM, SUN, EMC, Dell, Cisco, Juniper and Many More

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Bay Pointe Technology was founded on the idea that IT should be an asset to a company, not a liability. We strive to help businesses take control of their IT infrastructure, providing them with the hardware, software and managed service solutions they need to grow.

When obstacles seem to outnumber solutions, we could all use a little IT confidence.