Ever consider a 360 degree view into your company network? Do you know what sites users on your network are visiting? Are you aware of the bandwidth that can be taken up by certain applications? Is your network connection slow overall or just in certain applications? Want to do your due diligence in protecting your network from Cyber Threats? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions consider a free Cyber Threat Assessment Report. This comprehensive report can provide you with unprecedented insights into your network covering key areas of:

  1. Security Threats – uncover vulnerabilities, malware, botnets, etc.
  2. Productivity – Learn about your typical application and web usage
  3. Performance – Discover bandwidth and session utilization patterns

Here is how it works:

  • Contact info@baypointetech.com to schedule a free assessment
  • or call 1.800.746.1420
  • Our experts will employ a FortiGate to monitor your network
  • The FortiGate with collect network logs for a predetermined amount of time
  • We review Cyber Threat Assessment Findings with you 

It’s Quick – Less than 7 days of monitoring

It’s Easy – No interruption to your infrastructure

It’s Free – No agreements or POs to cut