Bay Pointe Recognized On CRN MSP500

We are excited to announce that Bay Pointe Tech Services has been placed on the Pioneer 250 Category of CRN’s 2015 Managed Service Provider 500 (MSP500) List! We are honored to receive this recognition! The MSP500 is an annual list which recognizes the top technology providers and consultants in North America whose cutting-edge approach to managed..

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Cicret Bracelet-970-80

Wearable Tech – The Cicret Bracelet

In recent years “wearable tech” has caught on as a very trendy thing for way more than just a small group of people. With everything from smart watches, to glasses, and of course the increasingly popular health and wellness accessories, if you can wear it on your body, someone is adding bluetooth and a screen..

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Solid State Drive (SSD) Use In A Data Center

Over the last 60 years Hard Drives have consistently evolved. Like most hardware they have become smaller, more reliable and more affordable as time has gone on. In 1956 IBM released it’s RAM disk setup as part of it’s RAMAC (Random Access method of Accounting and Control) initiative.  This ancient hard drive maxed out at 5MB..

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Endpoint Protection Options – Which one is right for you?

In 1971 the first computer virus appeared in a PDP-10 mainframe. This virus known as “The Creeper Virus” was quickly eliminated with the first anti-virus program developed by Ray Tomlinson known as, “The Reaper”.   Ever since the appearance of the original Creeper virus there has been a consistent evolution in all-malicious programs produced after it…

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